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Spring 2013

Responsabilité, Reversibilité et Faute
Benedict Winiger
Faculté de Droit, Université de Genève

Rawls and Tomasi on Robust Economic Liberty
Alan Thomas
Department of Philosophy, Tilburg University,
The Netherlands

Collective Effervescence, Nationalism and Revolution
in the Social Theory of Randall Collins

Jean Terrier
Institute for Political Science, University of Münster,

L'indignation dans la régulation sociale
Frederic Minner
Département de Sociologie, Université de Genève

Can and Should we Justify Democracy Epistemically?
Martin Hartmann
Department of Philosophy, University of Lucerne

Who knows what, and what it means for morality:
The ethical dimension of knowledge in complex organizations

Lisa Herzog
Department of Philosophy, University of St. Gallen

Back to basics: What to do now that the «ism» in multiculturalism has lost its appeal?
Therese Björkman
Department of Law, University of Uppsala, Sweden